Be Like Roadrunner, Not Like Wile E. Coyote

It is everybody’s favourite cartoon – Wile E. Coyote.  We all root for him to get that stupid bird, even if it is just once.  However, we know fine well that he will never win.  No matter how often he decides to buy fireworks from ACME fireworks or any other ACME product, they are never going to be good enough.  Or actually, they are if he would learn from his mistakes and use the same product again, but poor old Wile isn’t quite clever or patient enough for that.

Be Like Roadrunner

Clearly, if you want to enjoy your life and have a lot of fun, you should be like the Roadrunner.  There is something commendable about supporting the underdog, but you know fine well that your efforts are fruitless.  Hence, next time Coyote decides it is once again time to buy ACME fireworks, just sit back and enjoy the show from the Roadrunner’s perspective.

Why We Like the Show so Much

So why do we take pleasure in watching Coyote buy fireworks from ACME fireworks and other ACME products and always failing?  Perhaps it is because we can identify with him so well.  We all have some of the best made plans that amount to nothing.

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