How to Check the Life of Your Car Tyres

Your car consists of various big and small parts, which require regular care and maintenance to retain the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. Among all, certainly one of the most significant parts of your car is its tyres, which have a lot of impact on your driving experience. As it is with everything else, even the car tyres are designed to last for a particular period of time, after which they should be replaced. Generally it is recommended that the car tyres should be changed once after every six years. However, this duration can vary depending on various factors, such as the way a car is driven, how well maintained the tyres are and the kind of territories where it is normally used. This is the reason why car owners are generally confused when it comes to determining if their car tyres should be changed. Mentioned here are some useful tips for you to check the life span of your car tyres.

Take a look at the tread depth of the tyres as it is considered a prominent measure to determine how much the tyres have worn out. Ideally, it should not be less than 1.5 mm. In case the tread depth of the tyres is 1.5 mm or less than that, then you should get the tyres changed immediately.

A good way to gauge the lifespan of the tyres is to analyze the tread bars. These bars are like bridges located in between the treads. If you notice that the bars are beginning to come to the level of treads which are formed across the tyres, then it indicates wear and tear, which means it is time to get the tyres replaced.

Along with looking at the treads, you should also carefully analyze the tyre from various parts. Sometimes the wear and tear is irregular and can show more prominently at some particular areas. If you notice that the tyre has worn out from different parts and not uniform ally then it could be because of improper driving. Even in this case the tyres should be changed to avoid any unwanted hassle.

Apart from visually inspecting the tyres, you can also make out about their lifespan from the performance. Worn out tyres lose friction and thus do not perform too well on wet roads. Also if your car takes too long to break then it could be because of worn out tyres. Both these scenarios indicate that the tyres should be replaced.

In case you are still not able to decide, then you can get them checked by a good mechanic, who can provide you valuable guidance about the condition and lifespan of your car tyres and also suggest the right duration to change them.

Changing car tyres after they become worn out is important due to many reasons. First of all, tyres which are no longer in good condition affect the performance of the vehicle. Secondly, these can lead to a safety hazards as they lose their friction with constant use. So make sure to check the life of your car Tyres Aylesbury and get them replaced on time to avoid any inconvenience later on.

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