What Are The Services Offered By Tree Surgeons


Tree surgery is the process of treatment or repair of the trees which are damaged. This surgery is usually required to treat the damaged trees which may either lead to problems for the people living in the surroundings or in another case, are in danger of decaying or dying. A tree might need adequate assistance in situations like lack of water, soil, sunlight etc. A tree surgery London is concerned with the health of a tree and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with appropriate services and techniques.

The science of tree surgery is called as Arboriculture. An individual who studies or practices arboriculture is usually referred to as a Tree Surgeon. Tree Surgeons are meant to provide specialized services by managing or treating trees, thereby getting the desired results by bringing about an improvement in the surrounding area. Only an expert tree surgeon can figure out if a tree needs to be watered or if there is a need for removal of dead branches from a tree.

Some of the most common services offered by tree surgeons are :

1. Crown reduction – This technique is used for the reduction in the size of the trees which have either grown and become too big or have overgrown in a specific location. It uses a mechanism of weight reduction by shortening the long limbs by cutting down the branch tips. By doing this, the tree becomes more compact and stimulates the growth back to the tree’s interior.

2. Crown thinning – It is the technique used to take out selected branches from the crown of the tree in order to reduce the crown density, thereby enhancing the structure and overall balance of the tree. This is usually done with trees which are generally the weak, limp or have over layed branches. This allows more light to pass through the lesser dense tree.

3. Stump Grinding – It is the technique of clear away the stump which is left after cutting down the tree. This is done by using a specially designed machine which crashes down the stump, leaving the location clear for replanting a tree.

4. Tree planting – It’s the process of planting a new tree or replacing a damaged tree by a new tree. Tree surgeons can also provide specimen plants which could add to the look of an area or a garden.

5. Pruning – It is the technique of cutting down the tree branches in order to enhance overall growth or shape of a tree. It’s the most commonly done tree service. It’s generally done to take away the dead branches or overlapping limbs and increasing the penetration of air and light from the structure of the tree.

6. Bracing – It is a technique which is used to provide auxiliary support or protection to a low strength tree. Such trees have grown in such a way that their structure cannot support their own weight. Therefore they need supplementary support in order to survive.

7. Felling – It is the technique of making a cut near the base of the tree and using wedges to make it fall as one complete object. This is done for tree removals and replacement.

8. Tree reports & Surveys – It’s a process which aims at providing a cost-effective service of trees by surveying a tree and preparing the detailed reports regarding the health and condition of a tree.

You can get a free surgery quote from a professional and reliable tree servicing company. Such companies send their representatives to meet with you as per your time convenience.

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