Royal really means royal

Wedding is a ceremony between two people who are united in a marriage with each other.Weddings are always done with different customs and traditions.But weddings are called ROYAL when the arrangement and planning is done in the right way providing the quest with all things required.

The wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton is the season’s most royal wedding in history.People of the country are waiting for this day to come. In this wedding not friends and family of the royals but people from all around the world will join like kings and queens,sports and entertainment celebrities,charity workers and much more.

David and Victoria Beckham are among the first celebrities to arrive for Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘s royal wedding at Westminster Abbey.Kate Middleton will be given the title Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge when she marries Britain’s Prince William,in Buckingham Palace.The people of Britain saw a very great big day almost 30 years later.All the people not of only Britain but all around the global blessed the two of them a very happy married life but to have a bright future ahead.

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