The Most Versatile Of All Dresses: The Shift Dress

If women had their own way, they would only wear each item of clothing once before moving on to the next one.  However, our closet space dictates that this simply isn’t possible.  Forget about the bank balance, there is always enough money for another dress; the problem is where to put it after they’ve worn it.  So, women turn to more versatile dresses and the most versatile of them all is the shift dress.

The Casual Shift Dress

A shift dress can be worn for any type of occasion, including casual or informal events.  Pair with a festival scarf, a hobo bag or a floppy straw hat, and you’ve got yourself something that is casual, yet very chic, particularly when paired with nice flip-flops or gladiator sandals.  By opting for a patterned shift dress, you could look as if you came straight from the beach.

The Formal Shift Dress

The shift dress is equally suitable for formal occasions or work wear.  Combine with some nice accessories, including a pearl necklace or dainty watch, wear some killer stiletto heels and you are set for anything from work to a fancy date.  It is even possible to wear it to work and quickly add some different accessories to completely transform the dress.

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