Cupcakes Are Going Down A Storm In Britain


Brits have a sweet tooth, so it’s no surprise that so cake moulds and other baking accessories have proved a hit with consumers.
It seems as though cupcakes are particularly popular these days. According to research conducted by consumer analysts Mintel, tastes are changing in the UK. Whereas the Victoria sponge used to outsell its daintier rivals, now muffins and cupcakes are taking centre stage.
The firm revealed that the volume of small cakes sold in 2012 reached 139 million kilograms, while116 million kilograms of large cakes was sold. Mintel noted that volumes of small cake sales rose by 19 per cent between 2011 and last year, reaching a market value of £492 million.
Of course, those who don’t want to reach for shop bought versions can make use of silicone cake molds and get stuck into some baking at home.
Commenting on the findings, senior food analyst at Mintel Emma Clifford said: “The fact that the market share of small cakes – such as muffins and cake bars – has now exceeded that of the larger variety, reflects the role smaller cakes have forged in modern snacking lifestyles.”
It’s certainly handy for people to be able to pick up a single, small cake to eat while they’re out and about. Also, cupcakes baked at home can make an excellent addition to lunch boxes, both for children and for grownups.
As well as superb baking equipment, it’s now easy for consumers to get hold of all the ingredients they need and there are plenty of delicious recipes online.



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