The Tangible Satisfaction Of Mosaic Crafting

It is hard to believe that personal computers were only really used by teenagers to play games on twenty five years ago. Indeed, in the small space of a quarter of a century, personal computers have gone from being niche monochromatic distractions to every day necessities for all.


Whilst the advent of personal digital technology amongst the general population has of course brought many benefits, it has also been the cause of a decline in so-called ‘tangible pursuits’. Indeed, people these days are less inclined to do ‘real’ things like play musical instruments, solve jigsaws or indulge in arts and crafts as they can do them all virtually on their laptops or tablets.

This is a great shame really as some tangible pursuits (especially arts and crafts) only really come to life when participants get the chance to ‘feel the magic’ they create.

This is particularly true of hobbies like mosaic crafting.

Indeed, the beauty of mosaics is that it enables people of all ages and abilities to get creative and feel like they’re doing something truly ‘crafty’. Furthermore, mosaic crafting is also incredibly easy to learn so those who indulge in it can rest assured they will be able to put together a mother of pearl mosaic on their kitchen table just as easy as they would if they were playing around with virtual mother of pearl mosaic tiles on their tablet.

The only difference is that they’ll get far more in the way of tangible satisfaction!

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