What Are the Services Provided By Meet and Greet Parking?

If you travel frequently by air, or even if you have visited an airport, then you must be aware of the car parking facilities available there. Car parking services at airports are a great way to add to the convenience and ease of the travellers who want their cars to be parked securely while they are gone. There are various types of services offered at airport car parking and these can vary depending on the location and airport. However, one service among these, which is quite popular as well is the meet and greet parking service.

Meet and greet parking, also called valet parking at some places, saves your time as you can drive to the departure terminal and from there you will be greeted by a representative. He will park your car while you carry on with the check in procedure. You can rest assured that your car will be parked securely till you come back. As you return, you collect your baggage, check out and let the parking personnel know. They will deliver your car at the airport terminal, from where you can drive it back home.

Apart from the obvious advantage of being convenient, services offered by meet and greet parking offer a number of other benefits as well. First of all it is a highly time saving option. You can save your time by handing over your car to the representative at the terminal, as you are not required to take it to the car park yourself. Also a lot of time is wasted while looking for parking space. With meet and greet parking service all you need to do is drive to a designated area and from there the driver will take it to the parking.

Another benefit of opting for meet and greet parking service is that it eliminates the need to take a transfer bus as the areas specified by these services are usually located outside the terminal. So you can hand over your car and directly proceed towards the terminal. Besides, this, the biggest benefit of meet and greet car parking services is the peace of mind. You can enjoy your trip fully with the knowledge that your car is securely parked in the airport car parking area.

Meet and greet parking is becoming an increasingly popular choice among travellers. The services offered by these parking facilities are many and vary depending on the airport. The drivers they hire are fully trained to park your car in a safe and secure manner. Some of the other services offered by meet and greet parking facilities include insurance as well, which keeps your car covered from the time you hand over your car to the driver, till the time you get it back. You can also avail car wash service, which covers cleaning of the car from outside and inside.

This highly convenient and cheap Heathrow airport parking service is preferred by many travellers, which include families who are going on holidays and even corporate customers, as they fly regularly to attend business meetings.

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