Best Ways To Track Your Automotive Business Online

For any business it is absolutely critical to do some analysis to determine various facts such as how well is the business doing, possibility of expansion among others. Long ago this process was largely manual and quite tiresome. Nowadays everything is now stored online and this coupled with the fact that computers are much faster than human beings makes it ideal for any serious business and business person today.

Here are some of the ways you can track your automotive business online.

1. Business Analysis

What features and services are at the heart of your business? This will help you to know which features of the business you need to collect data about. For instance, if your automotive business entails sales of cars or car parts online, you may gather data about the volume of sales, as well as where the majority of your business is coming from. This is mainly achieved using various free as well as paid tools. One of the most popular free tools which are also quite good is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a very detailed tool for analyzing all aspects of your business online. It provides information on keywords, where most of your buyers are coming from, which states or even countries. You may even perform analysis of even which zip code brings the most clients to your business online. Facts such as how much time is actually spent on which page, bounce rate of the entire website is also data provided by Google analytics.

2. Email
In today’s world email has become the new postal system. People no longer rely on mailmen to deliver letters. Today you receive orders, quotations, invoices and any other business documents via email. There are numerous websites that offer email ranging from free ones such as Google’s Gmail to Yahoo’s mail among others. It is however advisable to purchase your own domain name which will help you create a more custom and more professional looking email address. However even the free ones wok fine. You can use the data gathered from the emails to track communication for your automotive business online and make appropriate decisions based off that.

3. Keywords
Even though keywords have been discussed previously, it is important to know that these are absolutely crucial for any business. To find out what kinds of keywords are generating the traffic to your site you may use Google’s keyword tool so as to know which keyword people were searching for when they came to your site. There is however more detailed tools that even tell you who your competitors are and how much they are paying per click to generate traffic to their sites and in extension businesses.

If you cover these three areas there is no reason that you should not be able to track your automotive business online. You never know in the future getting your online driving licence may be a service that is provided by many automotive businesses online and using the aforementioned tips above you may also be able to track that as well.

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