Breaking In Or Stretching Boots For Comfort

Although boots are primarily worn to keep feet warm and/or dry, many women do wear boots as a fashion statement. It is quite common to see calf high boots worn over the legs of jeans, and many younger women wear them with skirts when they go to nightclubs. However you wear boots, it is important that they be comfortable on your feet.

Breaking Them In

Even though you may want to wear a pair of boots that you just purchased when you go out with your friends, this could easily cause blisters. Since feet naturally swell during the day, your boots may feel too tight when you want to wear them in the evening. Most new leather boots have to be broken in so they are comfortable and don’t cause problems for your feet.

Wear Them at Home

To get used to how your boots fit on your feet, wear them and walk around in them at home. By taking the time to do this, the leather will stretch and conform to your feet, so the boots will feel comfortable when you wear them shopping or to the club. To help quicken the process, you can wear thick socks when you are wearing the boots around your house.

Try a Shoe Stretcher

If you know you’ve bought the correct size, but your Wittner boots still feel too tight, you can use a shoe stretcher in them to make them more comfortable. A stretcher fits into the boot and helps to widen and lengthen the leather. You can also use a stretching spray that will make the leather softer, thus easier to stretch.

Blow Dry Them

An appliance that most women own can help stretch your boots and make them more comfortable for you to wear. You can use a hair dryer to blow hot air into each boot in order to soften and stretch the leather. Use it only for a few seconds, then pull the boots on over a thick pair of socks so they will mould to your feet as they cool.

Ice Your Boots

You can use ice by putting your boots in the freezer to help stretch the leather more quickly so you can wear them sooner. Fill two large freezer bags halfway with water and close them after pushing out the excess air. Place the bags in the feet of the boots and place the boots in your freezer overnight to allow the water to freeze.

To protect your boots, consider placing them in a plastic shopping bag before you put them in your freezer. Also, use two freezer bags in each boot to protect them in case the water leaks out. When the water in the freezer bags solidifies and expands, it will help stretch the leather so you can wear your boots the next day.

When you wear your new boots, or any new shoes, you can protect your feet by placing moleskin or bandages on the areas that tend to blister. Stretching or breaking in boots will help them be more comfortable to wear.

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