Why So Many People Prefer To Buy Health Insurance Cover

Healthy, smart and equipped with overall energy; the lucky guys are revered with great respect. We all need to keep ourselves fit as regards our physical and mental health. But nothing can be said about our body and mental condition that are always prone to sickness of one type or the other. Serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, and high BP are quite common for which necessary treatment methods are available. Unfortunately, poor chaps suffer from a paucity of funds that sometimes leads to sad demise for want of adequate health facilities. That’s where the state authorities come forward by facilitating insurance facilities. Health insurance cover like E111 health card has been enabled by the European States.

Why health insurance card is so important – Candidly, this is a permit since provided by the medical administrative wings of different governments. Those having such cards are able to avail the medical facilities from the health related departments that provide you the right for accessing state-provided healthcare during a specific time period. The European authorities allow the cardholders to avail of the medical facilities when they stay in any of the concerned twenty-seven states of the European union. The same is applicable when you visit Switzerland, EEA (European Economic Area), comprising of Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein too. It may be noted that similar cards facilitated by different states of the world bestow upon the holders the rights of accessing such facilities. The same is often enabled either free of cost or at subsidised rates, well within your pocket.

Benefits of health insurance – As said earlier, the health insurance cards are in fact the passport to avail the available medical facilities in certain areas of the world since permitted by the concerned states. The patients are at liberty to utilise the GP visits and inpatient hospital facilities. Quite similar to NHS, excepting the negligible costs for seeing the GP, these cards are much useful. Small upfront care charges are often reimbursed when you come back home. Valuable information concerning the relevant policies and charges can be gained by going online.

How to get the card – Those wishing to avail of this facility may get the application form and submit the same through the post office check & send service or directly. The form would be checked and processed for your convenience and ease. The maximum period meant for finalisation of the process is normally twenty-one days during which you would be able to know its fate.

The other mode of applying is the telephone. It takes a period of ten days after submission of the application telephonically as far as its processing is concerned for which no charges are demanded.  

The third and most feasible method of application is the website of the concerned health department of the relevant state. No charges are asked for applying for the health insurance card through the internet that is the best method. It takes about seven days for you to receive the health insurance card enabling you to utilise the available benefits related to your health. Now that you understand the significance of medical insurance cover, why not get E111 health card or similar documents and enjoy peace of mind.  

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