Five Tips for a Safe Fireworks Display

Having recently held a fireworks display I thought I would share some great tips to help your event run smoothly. Many people are a little fearful of holding their own events, but if you plan carefully everyone can have fun in a safe environment.

  1. Always buy good quality fireworks from a trusted seller. You want to be sure that there are clear instructions on how to use each different type of firework on the back so you know how to set off each one successfully.
  2. Set up an area for the display and an area for the spectators. Make sure you have plenty of space in-between the two areas so the fireworks have room to fall to the ground without hitting anyone.
  3. If you have alcohol present set up the display far away from the bar area.  Try and encourage your spectators not to hold drinks close to the edge of the spectators’ area just to be on the safe side.  Anyone who is setting off the fireworks shouldn’t have alcohol near them.
  4. Have a plan of action in place just in case something goes wrong. Work out who will be lighting the fireworks in advance and ensure they have read the instructions.
  5. If the firework doesn’t go off after ignition don’t return to it.  Leave it alone as there could be a delay in the explosion.  Buying quality will help to reduce the risk of this happening.

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