Meet Stubble: The Funding Of Barber And Men’s Grooming Start Ups

The barbershop industry can be a real cut throat industry. There are many who dream of one day owning their own barbershop but have a lack of funding and support behind them. We spoke to Bill Sunner, the owner of barbershop franchise, “Stubble” to find out about his vision of building an accessible platform for budding entrepreneurs who want to make their own money.

How did Stubble come about?

I have been involved in the barbershop industry for a number of years and have seen it shape and develop in many ways over this time. Having a skill such as being a hairdresser or barber is an exciting and rewarding career path. It gives you an occupation where you get to meet new people, be creative and have a passion all at once. However if you have been working as a barber in the same shop for a while then you may want to move your career to the next level. This is where Stubble comes in.

I have seen more and more young people hoping to become entrepreneurs in their chosen careers. Owning their own salon is the natural step for many barbers involved in the industry. Though starting from scratch by building a brand can be risky business and leaving the safety of your regular salary to dive into the unknown is hard work. Stubble was created as a solution for these entrepreneurs, it could be the answer that many start-ups are looking for.

Why is Stubble becoming so popular?

It is an exciting time for anyone involved in men’s grooming at the moment. The rise of men’s grooming is at an all-time high. The year 2014 has been full of slick haircuts, beards and moustaches galore, just take a look this top 40 list of preened moustaches. Men are really beginning to embrace their hair and facial hair. The demand for fashionable, young barbers to cater for these men is growing. The Stubble brand provides all this and more.

Stubble aims to fill this gap in the market by providing funding for experienced barbers looking to run their own business. The brand allows people in the industry to go to the next step and open their own franchise of Stubble. The great thing about opening a franchise store is that you are selling a name that people already know and trust. Customers will not have to be converted to a brand they do not recognise which is 70 percent of the battle.

What will Stubble provide for their franchise owners?

At Stubble we provide a low-entry investment requirement for barbers looking to open their own business. By giving training and support to our partners we help create profitable barbershops all over the country.

If this sounds exactly what you are looking for then you can register your interest in Stubble’s franchises by contacting them on their website.

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