What Are The Kinds Of Claims That You Can Make


  • Birth issues:

Birth issues are one of the leading causes why most hospitals are sued for. When we talk about children, they are very delicate to handle. There is no way you can take care of them in a harsh way and when we talk about their birth, they are the most delicate creatures ever. Even your hard grip and make them lose a lot. Sometime hospital staff ignores this point and pretends everything is ok, when it’s not. They treat the newly born with harsh hands and end up giving some kind of permanent disability. This is where you need to file some Medical Negligence claims.

  • Hospital infection:

As we know that there are so many different people who visit the hospital with different kinds of disorders. Some of them have seasonal flu, while some are suffering from the serious diseases like T.B. Now imagine the one place where you all are gathered. These gems might travel from that person and can also affect you. You can sue the hospital for this negligence and get the compensation for your troubles.

  • Adverse drug reaction:

We go to the doctors for the treatment, but sometimes that can cause us more than we thought. Sometimes that same doctor to whom we went for the cure ends up giving us new diseases in the form of drug reaction. Sometimes he is so ignorant of the fact that his patient is allergic to some chemicals and as a result, he gets some kind of reaction from it. Many few of us know that we can sue the doctor for this kind of negligence and it can destroy their medical career. So don’t ignore something like this if it has happened to you too.

  • Eye problems:

Eyes are that important part of the human body that can’t be replaced by anything. With the help of science and technology, there are so many organs in our body that can be replaced. Bionics are invented that can help you walk and so many thing like that. However, till now, there is no way to restore your eyesight once it’s gone. There is no replacement for the eye. There are many cases in which due to the doctor’s negligence, people end up getting eye infections and sometimes even lose their eyesight as well.

  • Prescription errors:

You have read on the back of medicines cover that you should not use any medicine without the doctor’s recommendation or prescription. Why do you think company writes that? This is because they don’t want people taking the drugs which do not suit them and they end up having allergic reactions and food poisoning. But what if I tell you that it can also happen after doctor’s prescription? Some doctors are not interested in their patients and are working for the money alone. These doctors often end up giving some medicine to their patient which does not suit them. As a result, they end up having reactions.

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